The program of the conference is available here.

HSE University, New Economic SchoolUniversity of Readingand Paderborn University are organizing a conference on the economics and finance of football. It is aimed to highlight high quality research of the football industry as well as to facilitate the cooperation between academics and practitioners.

Theoretical and empirical research papers that cover the economic, financial, social, and managerial aspects of the football industry are welcome. The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to: success factors in football, football league regulations, financial fair-play, tournament design, contest theory, optimization of match strategies, corruption, betting, spectators' demand, financial and social issues of the World Cup, scheduling, referee assignments, and competitive balance.

One of the principal goals of the conference is to provide each speaker the detailed feedback from the communities of sports economists and people working in the field of operations research in sports. For that purpose, full text of the paper must be submitted through EasyChair by May 15, 2021. The submission should clearly state the hypotheses and main results, and emphasize contribution to the literature. Notifications of acceptance will be sent no later than June 10, 2021. The program committee will assign a discussant to each paper by June 11, 2021. Each conference speaker is expected to serve as a discussant for one other paper. Full papers will NOT be published anywhere; each full paper will be sent to one discussant.

There is no conference fee. Participation is open to anyone interested in the field. However, registration is needed (it will be opened in due course). 


5th Eastern Conference on Football Economics

7th Western Conference on Football and Finance 

July 2-3, 2021 (Online)